Deaf Encountering Christ is a special Christian retreat designed by Deaf people for Deaf people. This three-day retreat takes place at a retreat center just north of Little Falls, Minnesota, west of the intersection of Highway 371 and Highway 46. During your time there, you will be able to take time to look at things you call important in your life and look at it from God's point of view. We hope you will consider coming to our next retreat!
#25 Starts: Fri Feb 23
Ends: Sun Feb 25
Cost: $120
-- Now $100 thru Jan 23, 2018
#26 Starts: Fri Oct 26
Ends: Sun Oct 28
Cost: $120
-- Now $100 thru Aug 26, 2018


From Deaf Bible Society

From Deaf Missions

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What is DEC?

What is DEC?

Deaf Encountering Christ (DEC) is like a crossroads, a place where you can make new decisions about your life. We are an non-denominational outreach ministry to allow Deaf and hard of hearing people to experience:

  • the value of "letting go" through Christ's death;
  • an experience of God's Love through Christ's resurrection; and
  • a sense of purpose through Christ's commission.

DEC is a three-day retreat for Deaf/hard of hearing people who communicate mainly through American Sign Language (ASL). DEC borrows largely from TEC (Together Encountering Christ) that has been in existence for over 35 years throughout the nation and Canada. It is believed that over 1 million people have experienced TEC. Although each DEC is unique, the theme of the weekend is a journey: Christ has died, Christ is risen, and Christ is coming again.

DEC is about getting in touch with God in a peaceful environment with no expectations or distractions. DEC is Deaf and hard of hearing people encountering Christ in a way that many have never experienced before. Not only is DEC about faith, it is also about having fun and getting to know people from Minnesota and surrounding states. Come and experience DEC for yourself! The staff that leads you through the weekend is fluent in ASL.

What happens during DEC?

Die Day

Reflection on the death of Jesus Christ.

Participants reflect on many different aspects of their lives, focusing on better relationships with God, self, and others.

Rise Day

Celebration of the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Participants celebrate the presence of God's love in their lives.

Go Day

Exploration of the call to share God's Good News.

Participants recognize and prepare to carry forth the message of Jesus Christ.